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Phyzique Fitness and Wellness Email: myphyzique@comcast.net   
Phyzique Fight School Email: kickmyphyzique@gmail.com                                   Phone: 804 332 5476

Design Your Perfect Fitness Plan Today..

Phyzique Fight School...$39.00 Per Month Intro Rate 

Phyzique offers Muay Thai, Boxing Techniques, Kickboxing and much more for students of all levels. The classes are ran in a supportive environment where students who are brand new to the sport are always supported and encouraged by their instructors and more experienced students. All Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing classes in our training program features expert coaching staff.

$49.00 Per Month Club Membership... Regular Price $149.00 

*Unlimited Group Classes *
Open Gym Hours

*Email Workouts and Mealplans
*Fitness Professional available at all times
*20% Discount on Phyzique Services!

Group Fitness Classes 60 Minute and 30 Minute ONLY $5.00 

Phyzique's FITNESS Classe's are FUN, carefully designed workout programs designed to accelerate fat loss and improve muscle definition & toning. It is ideal for healthy adults and beginners looking to lose belly fat and get in shape quickly

Phyzique offers a wide variety of Group Fitness Classes, so join us and Dance, Sweat and Sculp with our calorie burning workouts..                       
Kick Boxing, Legs, Bums and Tums, Muscle Blast, Barre, Cross Phyzique, 30 Minute Fat Burn, 30 Minute Phzique, Ballerobica, Pilates and Yoga..

Personal Fitness Training 

Personal Fitness Training
Train one on one with Phyzique's Top Trainers! Phyzique Personal trainers design customized one-on-one training programs to help motivate our clients to exercise and enjoy exercising. We monitor your fitness progress and ensure our clients are using proper form when exercising and often encourage them to perform workout that would exceed what they would do alone. As low as $40 per session with a Phyzique Club Membership!  A La Carte Pricing also available!

1 Year Massage Membership $45.00 per Month  

Includes 1 Massage a month of your choice, Massage lasts 60 minutes.
(Additional massages $39.00 per Month)

 A La Carte Pricing also avaiable

Michael Before

Michael after he
dropped 35lb

Melissa Before

Melissa After
she dropped 45lb

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804 332 5476

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